I tested 19 Best Jump Starters: These 3 are my FAV

In this article I will be reviewing the 19 Jump Starters that I tested thoroughly to find out the Best Jump Starter for your vehicle.

I will show you exactly how I tested these jump starters and which of these jump starters are my favorite.

When you are looking for a jump starter or booster pack, every manufacturer “claims” they got the best deal. They want to show you the numbers and charts to prove that their jump starter is the best. This is what they have to do to sell more. I found out that some of this can be true but that’s not always the case.

This is why I purchased 19 of the highly-rated jump starters on Amazon to test them myself and find out which of these are the Best Jump Starters for you to buy.

Best Portable Jump Starters (My Picks for You)

After testing for more than 100 hours and spending several cold nights (alone) in my garage, I found these jump starters to be the best among all.

These jump starters made my recommendation list because they provided:

  • Power needed to jump start your vehicle (even with a complete dead battery).
  • Safety features like reverse polarity and short circuit protection.
  • Durability of the jump-starter battery pack itself and the clamps.
  • Features like USB charge out, DC power out and portability.
  • Best value for money without sacrificing on power.

For everyday cars and small-medium trucks and SUVs. (Gasoline)

Best for most: NEXPOW T11F 1000A ($49 on Amazon)

If you are buying a jump starter for your car, or a small to medium truck or SUV, then NEXPOW T11F 1000A is an excellent option for under $50.

In my testing, it jump-started a 4.6L gasoline engine right on the first try. In my testing, NEXPOW 1000A delivered about 381 Amps (max) of raw current when I measured it using my clamp meter.

It has enough power for jump-starting modern vehicles with mid-sized engines without any problem.

This jump starter also has solidly built clamps, reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, and overcurrent protection. It also has two USB ports that deliver 2.1 amps (or 10 watts) of current to charge your portable devices like smartphones, tablets, or GoPro.

It charges through USB-C, but sadly, there is no charge-out capability from this port. It also does not come with a wall plug. In my testing, it took 4 hours and 21 minutes to charge using a 2A USB charger.

The only thing I do not like about this jump starter is the lack of manual mode. It means that you can not jump-start a vehicle with a complete-dead battery.

But on vehicles with weak batteries, this jump-starter does an excellent job of starting them up. For under $50 on Amazon, NEXPOW 1000A is a perfect choice.

If you find NEXPOW out of stock or at a higher price. I would recommend you to get AVAPOW 1500A. It is also a solid jump-starter for under $50 on Amazon.

In my testing, it performed similarly to NEXPOW 1000A. The clamps on this jump starter are sturdy and durable. It also has the same feature set as the NEXPOW. The only thing different from the NEXPOW is the charging time. This jump starter takes about 4 hours and 53 minutes to charge using a 2A wall charger.

Upgraded Pick: Noco GB40 ($100 on Amazon)

If your budget is around $100, then I would suggest you buy Noco GB40. In my testing, Noco GB40 performed well and had no trouble in starting the same 4.6L V8 engine.

It has really strong metal clamps that don’t flex when clamped on the battery post and also has reverse polarity protection. It has an LED light, instead of the alarm, to let you know that you have connected the jump starter in the wrong way.

This booster-pack also has a USB charge-out port to charge your smartphone or tablet or any other USB powered gadgets. It has two bright LEDs that are on the top of the unit rather than on the side.

This charges via micro-USB (which is a little slow) and come with a wall adapter and a cigarette lighter adapter.

Honorable Mention: NOCO GBX45 ($125 on Amazon)

If you can scrap around an extra 25 dollars, NOCO GBX 45 is a solid upgrade over the trusty NOCO GB 40.

This new model packs 250 extra peak amps than the NOCO GB 40 and delivers 60 watts of power through its PD compatible USB-C (in/out) port.

It also charges about three times faster than NOCO GB40. In my testing, NOCO GBX45 was able to complete a full charge in 48 minutes when using a 60W USB-C charger.

Unfortunately, the charger is not included with this jump-starter. But, you can use any regular 2A USB charger at the cost of slower charging speeds. For $125, I think NOCO GBX 45 is an excellent choice if you are a geek like me.

For Large Trucks, SUVs and RVs. (Gasoline)

Best for most: AVAPOW A28 3000A ($77 on Amazon)

For under $100, AVAPOW A28 is a winner when it comes to jump-starting large Trucks and SUVs.

In my testing, it had no problem jump-starting a 6.7L V12 engine. It delivered about 1136 Amps (max) when I measured it using my clamp meter. In my testing, this jump starter struggled with diesel engines that are 5L or larger.

This jump starter from AVAPOW has solidly built clamps that apply decent pressure to the battery terminals. In my testing, the clamps did not bend or twist when connected to the battery.

It has reverse polarity protection, short-circuits protection, and other safety features. There is an LED light on the jumper cables for each warning.

It charges through USB-C, and there are two other USB-A ports for charging other compatible devices.

This jump starter comes with a carrying case, but the charger is not included. AVAPOW recommends that you use a QuickCharge 2.0 compatible wall charger to charge this jump starter. In my testing, it took around 5 hours and 11 minutes to finish a full charge.

For $77 on Amazon, I think it is a perfect jump starter for large gasoline engines and small to medium diesel engines. Adding a $20 charger will keep the total cost under $100

Upgraded Pick: RuggedGeek RG2000 Sport ($170 on Amazon)

If you can spend around $170 for a jump starter, I would suggest you to buy RuggedGeek RG2000. This is also one of my favorite jump starters on the list.

It has the almost the same power (in real world testing) as the AVAPOW A28 but also has some other extra features like 60W USB-C charge out port.

Why do you care about 60W USB-C charge out port? Well, for me I travel with my laptop a lot and this powerbank can charge it through the USB-C port, as if I am plugged in to the wall.

The battery clamps on this jump starter are also made out of metal and have reverse polarity protection. It also has an alarm to tell you if you connected the jumper cables in the wrong order.

It is also smaller in size than AVAPOW so you can fit it in your pocket or backpack too.

For bigger Diesel Engines, Semi Trucks or if you own a car lot.

Best for most: Noco Genius Boost GB150 ($300 on Amazon)

Noco GB150 is a pricier jump starter but it is powerful enough to jump start a 8L or maybe even a 10L diesel engine. Yep. It costs around $300 but you are paying for it’s raw power.

My friend Dan owns this jump starter and I have tested this jump starter on his 7.3L Diesel engine without the truck’s own batteries connected. The truck started from cold like normal, on the first try. That is impressive.

It has metal jumper clamps and thick cables. This jump starter also tells you the battery voltage so it is easier to diagnose if your truck’s battery is dead or good.

This can also charge your smartphones and tablets (which is probably something you are never going to do if you buy this) and has all the safety features like reverse polarity and short circuit protection. And this thing is heavy. And durable.

Upgraded Pick: NOCO GBX155 ($350 on Amazon)

I love the new X series jump starters from NOCO. And I just had to mention my favorite one here.

Disclaimer: No one is paying me to say this. And I bought this jump starter with my own money!

Recently, I bought a few NOCO jump starters from their X series. And I love them. My favorite one from the bunch is the NOCO GBX 155.

It has 4250 peak cranking amps and a battery capacity of 99 Wh. In my testing, this jump starter delivered 1472 cranking amps. I tested it on a 5.3L diesel engine with the vehicle’s battery disconnected.

I was unable to fully test this jump starter because of my limited collection of test vehicles. But, I am confident that it can jump-start almost any consumer vehicle without a problem.

Apart from the usual safety features and excellent build quality, the main selling point for me (apart from its raw power) is the power delivery features through its USB-C port.

This USB-C port supports 60-watts PD (power delivery) compatibility. It means that not only do you charge other devices at 60-watts, but recharge the jump starter at 60-watts too.

In my testing, I was able to charge this jump starter using my Macbook charger in 2 hours and 3 minutes.

Godfather of all jump-starters: Noco GB500 ($1800 on Amazon)

And if you drive a Semi and you need to jump start it somewhere, the Noco GB500 is the beast to buy. It costs $1800 but delivers 6250 Cranking Amps so this thing can even jump start a plane or something.

This jump starter also has 24V output to jump start big diesel engines. It has big, heavy-duty metal clamps and has all the safety features that other Noco branded jump starters comes with.

For Motorcycles, Dirt-bikes and ATVs. (Gasoline)

For motorcycles or ATVs, you need to consider the battery clamps on the jump starter because if they are large, they might not fit on the (small) battery posts on your motorcycle or ATV.

In my testing I have found out that the small clamps, typically made out of plastic fit really well on these small battery posts.

With motorcycle and ATV engines, usually being under 1L, any jump starter can really jump start the engine even if your battery is totally dead.

I would recommend, my most affordable pick, NEXPOW T11F 1000A as this jump starter only costs $49 on Amazon. The clamps are perfect for motorcycle battery posts and it is small enough to be stored in the motorcycle storage compartment or backpack.

How I tested all of the 19 jump starters?

On a Saturday night, I looked on Amazon for jump starters and bought 19 jump starters that had most reviews or in general piqued my interest. After hitting the “place your order” button I went to sleep.

In the next week, all the jump starters arrived. I unboxed them and put them on charge. Some jump starters came with a little bit of charge like the ones from Noco, RuggedGeek, Nexpow and Clore Automotive but I still topped these all of. I read through their manuals (not something I do most of the time) to see what is the recommended charging time.

Some jump starters charged through USB but did not come with a charger in the box. Also, I noticed that jump starter that charged through DC 12 or 60 watt USB-C wall chargers were much faster in finishing the charge than the ones charging through regular 2A USB chargers.

HULKMAN Alpha 85S was the only jump-starter that used a proprietary USB-C standard to recharge. I have also bought the HULKMAN Alpha 100 (that uses the common PD USB-C charging standard) but it has not arrived yet.

Rugged Geek RG2000 Sport and the new NOCO X series of jump starters had USB-C charging with 60 watt PD fully charged in under 2.5 hours.

NOCO GBX45 was the fastest charging jump starter. It was completely recharged in 48 minutes. I had to use my MacBook’s USB-C charger because NOCO jump starters do not come with a charger.

Then the next day I was ready to test these jump starters on some of the vehicles I own and some other vehicles my friends owned.

I also took these jump starters to my friend’s garage where he had a lot of vehicles that were never started in a year or more. I thought this was the perfect situation to put these jump starters to test and find out which jump starter is best in performance and worth my money.

Here is the list of vehicles I tested these jump starters on:

  • 2016 Toyota Camry 2.5L Hybrid (Gasoline)
  • 2014 Toyota Tundra with a 4.6-liter V8 (Gasoline)
  • 2014 Ford F350 6.8L V10 (Gasoline)
  • 2018 Ford F150 3.0L (Diesel)
  • 2013 VW Passat 2.0L TDI (Diesel)
  • 2005 Mazda 6 2.0L (Diesel)

I also tested these jump starters on two motorcycles and 1 ATV for versatility.

  • 2012 Kawasaki ZX6R 600cc (Gasoline)
  • 2013 Honda Shadow Phantom 750cc (Gasoline)
  • 2017 Honda Foreman 4×4 500cc (Gasoline)

I begin my tests by disconnecting the negative ( – ) terminal from the batteries that were inside the vehicles. I did this to simulate a completely dead battery.

I also purchased a bad battery from a local auto store to simulate a “bad battery situation” for each jump starter. The bad battery I purchased from the auto store measured at around 9-10 volts and was unable to turn on the lights or start the ignition.

Then in the next couple of days, I ran my jump start tests on different vehicles for multiple times and measured cranking amps provided by each jump starter.

I used a clamp meter to measure the Amps during cranking and took burst-photos using my iPhone to record the amperage readings.

I then punched these readings into a spread sheet and exported an easy to read chart.

This is the average of peak amps delivered through my jump start tests. These might not be the most accurate results but they still provide enough data to tell which jump starter delivered most power. In my testings, NOCO GB500 provided the most cranking amps followed by NOCO GBX 155, NOCO GB150 GOOLOO GP4000 and others. The jump starters that provided least cranking amps were from DBPOWER, STANLEY, DEWALT.

These are the cranking amps that one jump starter took to start a cold engine. I recorded this data using a digital clamp meter (to measure amps) and made a chart comparing each jump starter. This might not be the most accurate data, but still, it is enough to show the performance of each jump starter next to others.

Safety Features

To check the safety features of each jump starter I did a really stupid thing: connected the black clamp of the jump starter to the positive post on the battery and the red clamp of the jump starter to the negative post on the battery, on a parts car.

During this test, I wore protective glasses and gloves in case anything goes wrong. I tested 19 jump starters and found out that 16 of those who claimed to offer this feature did not cause any spark and gave warnings about the battery connection.

Some jump starters like from Noco, RuggedGeek, AVAPOW, GOOLOO, and NEXPOW had a warning/error red light that came on when the jumper cables were connected in reverse order. While on the other hand some jump starters like Clore Automotive, Weego and HULKMAN beeps to alert the user. Weego 22s’s beeping was less noticeable (near a busy road) among all other jump starters. 

In my opinion, loud beeping over flashing LEDs is a good and more straightforward way to alert the user that he/she did something wrong and needs to double-check the connections on the battery terminals.

Usually, error lights are somewhat hard to see under sunlight but you can probably see the lights if you get under the shade of the hood. In short, if your jump starter has reverse polarity protection you are covered for the most part.

Note that if your vehicle’s battery is too low (6 volts or less) and the jump starter does not detect that it is connected to the car. You have to enable “manual mode” to allow power to flow through cables and doing so will disengage all the safety features including short circuit and reverse polarity protection.

I do not advise you to do this on purpose even if you know your jump starter has reverse polarity protection and leave this feature only for those accidental situations. I did this so you don’t have to. 

Jumper Clamps and Cables

I tested clamps for their feel, clamping force and durability over time. I was surprised to see that out of 19 clamp sets, only 8 were made out of metal. Though plastic clamps were not as bad as I thought they would be.

There were some poor quality plastic clamps too and three clamp sets have already broken in under 9 months. The broken clamps are from:

  • Schumacher SJ1328
  • ROAV Jump Starter Pro

Some plastic clamps have a metal hinge pin holding the two sides of a clamp and they seem more durable and don’t twist or flex as much as the ones made of only plastic do.

I also found out that for motorcycles and ATVs, the bigger clamps were harder to clamp on battery posts and small ones worked perfectly. 

Cable length on all the jump starters is about the same, except for the big less portable ones. On the more portable ones, the cable length is around 8 to 10 inches and it is just enough length to connect the jump starter to the battery posts and place it somewhere near.

Cable thickness was also my concern too but all the jump starters have thick cables, around 10 to 6 gauge and the cables did not get warm or anything during the testing.

Extra features

All of the jump starters had USB charge out features except Clore Automotive, Weego, and Schumacher. Some jump starter also had 12, 15 and 16-volt dc out so you can power things like laptops, hard drives, or anything that runs on these voltages.

Few of my fav jump starters, NOCO GBX45 and GBX155 has a USB-C charge out port that delivers 60W of power so you can charge your laptops or smartphones at much faster speeds.

All the big, less-portable jump starters have compressors built into them. I found that Clore Automotive performed better than all other and provided consistent results than any other air compressor – jump starter combo.

All of the jump starters that I tested had flashlights built-in and they all are great, some are brighter and some are less but they work in the dark and that matters most. 

Of course, it would be impossible to test 19 jump starters just by myself so I gave these to my friends to test and review for 6 months.

My favorite jump-starter packs.

From all the 19 jump starters that I tested, these 3 are my absolute favorites. They have all the safety features, durable built quality, and everything else a geek like me can ever ask for.

Noco Genius Boost GB40

Compact, durable and Powerful.

Durable and compact design with reverse polarity protection. This jump starter can start a car or mid-sized truck and SUV, even if it has a totally-dead battery.

This jump starter claims to jump-start vehicles with gasoline engines that are up to 6L and diesel engines that are up to 3L.

I had no trouble jump-starting my 8-cylinder 4.6-liter truck with battery disconnected completely from the vehicle. Noco claims that this jump starter can jump start a vehicle with a dead battery for up to 20 times but in my testing, that number was probably close to 8. And you are not going to jump-start eight dead cars in a row.

Apart from jump-starting vehicles, it also has a couple of features like a standard USB port to charge your electronics like a smartphone, a tablet or anything that charges through a standard USB port.

This jump starter also has a flashlight with a couple of different levels of brightness and can also be used as an emergency SOS signal if you are stuck somewhere.

The LED is bright and will surely get someone’s attention when you need it.

Battery clamps on this unit are built solid with thick wires (around 8 gauge) and provide solid clamping force so you don’t have to worry about the clamps slipping or not making good contact with the battery terminals.

It also has safety features like reverse polarity protection so if you ever connect it the wrong way to the battery terminals (like I did on purpose for testing this) it flashes the red light and won’t let you jump or damage anything in your car or your wallet.

This jump starter also has a manual override feature for the batteries that are really low or completely dead. Keep in mind that if you enable this feature, all the safety features like reverse polarity and short circuit protection will also be disabled. When enabling manual override, just be careful and connect the jumper leads correctly.

Noco does not tell anywhere on the jump starter or the box about the capacity of the internal battery, so I took apart my jump starter to find out a Noco branded Element X10 3-cell lithium battery which 11.1 volts and has a capacity of 2150 mah battery.

That much power from such a tiny battery is really impressive. There is also a temperature sensor on the battery which shuts the unit off when the battery gets hot.

I went on camping and took this jump starter with me. There I charged my iPhone two times with this, used it as a camping light, and jump-started my friend’s car. The battery came down to 25 percent during my 3-day trip.

This jump starter comes with a carrying pouch, a micro USB charging cable, a cigarette lighter to USB adapter, jumper cable leads and the jump starter pack itself. This jump starter can be charged from any USB charger that has a micro USB end.

I tested it with the 2.1A Samsung wall charger and it took around 4 hours until it was fully charged. Considering its size you can store it in your trunk or glove compartment without taking much space.

Jermey from Wolkswear tested this jump starter in extreme cold test on complete dead cars. And this jump starter performed so well that he captioned it as “This thing surprised us“.
  • Lots of power for its small, compact and durable design.
  • Sturdy metal clamps.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Performs really well in cold weather.
  • Can easily be stored in glovebox.
  • Comes with all the chargers and cables you will ever need.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Charges a little slow.

RuggedGeek RG2000 Sport

Jump Starter & USB-C 60W PD Power Pack

Compact, durable and offers reverse polarity protection with a lot of cranking amps. USB-C PD charge in-out port delivers 60W so you can even charge your laptop, or anything that supports USB-C.

This jump starter is the bigger brother of the RG1000 (which I also tested and reviewed) and has a lot of cool new features.

For starters, it has double the cranking amps of the RG1000 at 2000 amps and can jump-start vehicles with engine sizes up to 8L for gasoline and 6L for diesel. That is a lot of jump-starting power in such a small form factor.

I had no trouble jump-starting my friends Ford F350 which has a 6.8-liter gasoline engine with the vehicle’s battery disconnected. The truck started normally without any hiccup and after I ran my test for 4 times, the battery drained down to 57%.

This jump starter has metal jumper clamps with great clamping force and solid cables. It also has the IntelliBoost technology which protects your car and the jump starter itself from accidental reverse polarity connections. So even the salesman in your nearest car dealership can use it if you know what I mean.

This jump starter is also IP66 rated meaning that you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged from water splashes or dust and debris. This rating is important if you want to store this on a boat.

It also has a bright LED that can be viewed easily in the sunlight and the bright flashlight helps you in the night time. This jump starter comes with a carrying case, a 12V cigarette lighter adapter, USB-C to USB-C and USB-A (normal USB end) cable, nice thick jumper leads and a USB-C wall charging brick.

You must be thinking why USB-C? Well, I was surprised to see that as well because I had no idea that jump starter manufacturers cared about modern ports and making their gadgets more easy to use.

The USB-C port on the jump starter delivers power according to the PD standards and can charge your USB-C devices like modern laptops or smartphones at the fastest possible speeds.

This also gives the flexibility to carry just one USB-C cable (and not a dozen different micro USB or whatever) for all your gadgets.

I tested it’s USB-C PD capabilities by charging my 13inch MacBook Pro and after one full charge on my laptop, the jump starter dropped to 33%. I have never charged laptops through power banks so I can’t tell if that is a good number. But still, I was impressed with the capabilities of this jump starter pack. Other than USB-C it also has quick-charge 3.0 compatible dual USB-A ports.

This jump starter does not have any DC power out but I don’t complain because in return I get USB-C which is the standard lately on all modern devices, but your iPhone. iPhone still charges through lightning.

For $200 this might be an expensive jump starter for most, but if you are a geek like me and enjoy the latest technology, you will enjoy it as much as I do.

  • A lot of raw power in a compact, portable design.
  • Can jump start even a 6.8L engine with a dead battery.
  • Reverse polarity protection with a loud alarm.
  • Strong metal clamps and durable design.
  • Covered ports to keep water and dust out.
  • USB-C PD 60W charge in/out port.
  • Comes with all the accessories and a hard-style carrying case.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • At $200, it’s expensive.


Great Value, Power and Built Quality.

This jump starter has a lot of power, sturdy metal clamps, and reverse polarity protection. It works extremely well in cold weather as I tested in my “freezer” test.

NEXPOW claims that this jump starter can start vehicles with engine sizes of up to 6.5L for gasoline and 4L for diesel. And can jump-start these up to 300 times.

Now I think that this jump starter can easily jump start a 6.8L engine (with a weak). But that that “300 times” is too much of a marketing scam.

Anyways, this product is not bad. In my testing I was able to jump-start the 6.7L V10 on the first try with the truck’s battery drained down to 6 volts.

This jump starter also claims to work well in temperatures up to -4 so I did a cold test by putting this unit in the freezer for 30 minutes and then giving it a go. My test was not as cold as the jump starter’s operating temperature specs but it took 4 tries and fired the big 6.7L V10 right up.

The jumper clamps are made from metal (so no worries of breaking or flexing these) with good clamping force and when I was doing the cold test I noticed that the clamps grip well even with wet hands.

This jump starter also checks my safety checklist with reverse polarity protection, overcharge protection and short circuit protection. If you ever accidentally connect the jumper leads in the wrong way, the jump starter will beep loudly to let you know that you have done something wrong.

It also has dual USB ports with one of them compatible with quick charge 3.0 so you can charge you android devices at fast speeds and really take advantage of the 21,800 mah battery inside.

The flashlight on this jump starter is bright and comes handy if you are jump-starting in the dark. It comes with smart jumper cables, USB-C cable, and a carrying case.

It does not come with a wall charger. Not even the cigarette lighter one for your car. I don’t find this as a problem because most of us already has a USB charger laying around.

I bought this for $80 on Amazon and I think it has a lot of power for the price I paid.

  • Compact, durable and powerful.
  • Works well in cold weather.
  • Sturdy metal clamps that are easy to operate.
  • Reverse polarity protection with an alarm and LED light.
  • Supports Quick Charge 3.0, USB-C power out, and a 12V DC out.
  • Charges through USB-C with 15W input.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Does not come with a wall or cigarette charger.

Rest of the jump starters that I tested.

These are the other jump starters I tested to see if they are up to the manufacturer’s claims. You can read my detailed review down bellow to find out if a specific jump starter meet your needs.


A great portable jump starter at an affordable price.

This jump starter made my top pick for most people. It is compact, has a good amount of power, and features reverse polarity protection. It has solid metal clamps and can be recharged using any USB charger.

This jump starter from NEXPOW claims to jump-start vehicles with engine sizes up to 7L for gasoline and 5.5L for diesel. This jump starter came in with a 51% charge, so I topped it off before testing it.

In my real-world testing (on a vehicle with a weak battery), this jump starter was able to jump-start a 4.6L V8 gasoline engine just fine. I also tested this jump-started with a bigger 5.7L gasoline engine, and it took a couple of tries but fired right up.

I think the 7L claims are a bit too high. After 4 jump-start tests, the battery came down to less than 50% from a full charge. It can provide around 6ish jump-starts when fully charged.

Another thing to note here is that this jump starter does not offer any sort of Boost mode or Manual mode. So if your vehicle’s battery is completely dead (less than 2-volts) then this jump starter is not going to do any good for you.

This jump starter is built solid and has a nice weight to it. 4 LEDs indicate the remaining charge on the jump starter. Clamps on this unit are made from plastic. In my testing, the clamps proved to be stronger than I expected.

The jump starter has the usual safety features like short circuits and reverse-polarity protection. In my testing, it gave an error when connected to the battery in the opposite order. If there is a green light on the jumper cables, it means you have connected it the proper way, and you are good to jump your car.

The flashlight on this jump starter is bright and comes very handy when working in the dark. It also has a couple of USB ports that come in handy when you need to charge your phone.

This jump starter comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable only. It is a bummer for most, but at $48, I can not complain much. You can use any regular USB charger to charge this jump starter.

For $48 on Amazon and a 2-year warranty, I think this is a good deal. And the customer service is also helpful and responsive.

  • Compact, solid build quality, and has decent power.
  • Can be stored in a glove box without taking much space.
  • Durable clamps that are easy to operate.
  • Reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection.
  • 2.1A dual USB charge out ports.
  • Charges through USB-C.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • No manual or boost mode available.
  • It would have been nice if it came with a carrying case or pouch.


A portable booster pack with 12, 16, and 19 V DC out.

This jump starter pack can jump start medium-sized trucks or SUVs with ease. It has, metal clamps, a LCD screen to display remaining battery, a DC out socket, and comes with a 3-year warranty.

This jump starter is built very solid and feels quality in the hands. This jump starter from DBPOWER claims to jump-start your vehicles with engine sizes of up to 6.5L for gas and 5.2L for diesel.

In my testing, I had no problem jump-starting a 5.7L V8 engine on a truck in my friend’s garage. I disconnected the battery (because the battery was good in this case) and connected the jump starter to the truck directly. The truck started without any hiccups so I think most cars will be fine too with this jump starter.

After the first jump, the battery was still at 100% so I gave this jump starter a stress test. I repeatedly jump-started the truck 6 times in a row (still the battery disconnected from the vehicle) to put some strain on the jump starter and it started the vehicle each time. That’s impressive. It did get a little warm but nothing to worry about.

After my continues tests, it drained down to 53 percent. I also tested this jump starter on a 2008 F350 with a 6.8-liter V10 gasoline engine (and disconnected the battery from the truck) and it fired up right away.

Battery clamps on this jump starter are built solid with great clamping force and nice thick cables. Just keep in mind that the jump starter cables are always live (once connected to the battery pack).

Note that this booster pack does not have any reverse polarity protection or short circuit protection. So if you connect this the wrong way, it is going to damage the car.

This jump starter also has a flashlight with different mods like strobe and SOS, and can even charge your smartphone or other electronics through its dual powered-USB ports.

It can also charge your laptop if you are into that with the included 8 in 1 laptop charging adapter and you can switch between different voltages like 12, 16 or 19 voltages. One thing I noticed is that the laptop adaptors can be used to power other things that take DC voltages like printers, portable hard drives, refrigerators or even wireless routers.

The LCD is a really nice addition instead of the LED battery indicators. It tells you the exact amount of battery power left so you don’t have to guess the remaining power by looking at the LEDs typically found on other models.

This jump starter comes with a nice hard-shell carrying case so you can put the jumper cables and store it in your car for times when you need it.

For $70 and a three-year warranty, this is really a one steal of a deal.

  • Compact, solid build quality, and has decent power.
  • Can be stored in glovebox without taking much space.
  • Durable metal clamps that are easy to operate.
  • DC out socket to power other 12, 16 or 19 volt accessories.
  • USB charge out port with 2.4A output.
  • Easy-to-read LCD even in direct sunlight.
  • Comes with all the accessories including a cigarette lighter charger.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Does not charge through USB.
  • Does not come with a pouch.
  • No reverse polarity protection.

NOCO Genius Boost GBX45

Pocket-size jump starter with 60-watts PD compatible USB-C port.

Robust and compact jump starter pack with enough power to start midsize engine trucks and SUVs. It can power up your phones, tablets, or even a laptop with full-60 watts through its USB-C PD in/out port.

NOCO is a well-known company, and I am sure you already know them. NOCO GBX 45 is an excellent offering from the company.

This jump starter from NOCO provides 1250 peak cranking amps and can start vehicles with engine sizes up to 6.5L for gasoline and 4L for diesel, according to the claims on its packaging.

In my testing, I was able to jump-start a 5.7-liter gasoline engine (with the battery disconnected from the vehicle) without any problem, and the battery on the unit did not drop from 100 percent.

I thought, hmmm, that’s not a big deal since it’s advertised for 7L. So I went to my friend Dan who has the Ford F350 with a 6.8-liter V10 to test this jump starter. It would not be a fair test if I did not disconnect the vehicle’s battery and tried to start the truck just by a jump starter.

I was just curious to find out if it had any improved performance (other than cranking amps) over its predecessor.

I took the ground off the battery and connected this jump starter, and asked Dan to fire his truck up. And guess what? It took a few tries and a little bit of spinning the starter motor, but this little jump starter did its job, and the truck started. I and Dan, were both impressed to see that.

And the battery on the jump starter was down to 50% after this. Then I put some stress on the jump starter and tried to start the truck again, with the battery disconnected. Unfortunately, GBX 45 was not able to do its magic this time. The starter motor was struggling, and the jump starter was getting hot.

I did not think this jump starter would have any trouble starting your vehicle with a weak battery.

This jump-starter is also dust, mud and water proof. It has rubber flaps covering the jumper-cable ports and the USB ports.

Battery clamps for this jump starter feel solid in the hands with decent clamping pressure, so you are making a good connection with the vehicle.

It also has the necessary safety features, including reverse polarity, short circuit, and overheat protection. 

Other than jump-starting, this little gadget can also charge your smartphone or other compatible devices at full 60 watts through its USB-C port. The battery capacity is not there as this jump starter only has a 32 Wh battery, but it can charge your device super-fast. It has the tedious USB-A charge-out port as well.

The jump-starter can also be charged using this same 60 watts power delivery standard through USB-C. In my testing, this jump starter only took about 42 minutes to finish charging when using my Macbook charger.

This jump starter has a super bright dual LED flashlight which I found to be plenty bright when working on your car or just signaling someone for help.

This jump starter comes with a nice carrying pouch and USB-C charging cable. Unfortunately, there is no wall charger included in the box. You can use a regular 2A USB charger, but you won’t be getting fast charging speeds unless you use a PD-compatible USB-C charger.

For $125, this is my favorite jump starter, and the 60-watt USB-C port makes it more useful than ever.

  • Compact, solid build quality, and has decent power.
  • Can be stored in a glove box without taking much space.
  • Sturdy metal clamps with plastic outer shell.
  • Reverse polarity protection with LED indication.
  • Comes with a carrying pouch to keep everything together.
  • USB charge-out with 2.1amp output and a USB-C 60 watt PD in/out port.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and great customer service.
  • Does not come with a charger.
  • Battery capacity is low at 32 Wh.


A powerful jump starter that looks like a tank.

This jump starter does well in cold climates and has a lot of power packed in a durable and compact form factor. It has reverse polarity protection, USB charge-out ports, and charges at 18 watts through USB-C.

This jump starter is built like a brick (or as my wife calls it a tank) – not like it’s unusable but really solid. Do you get my point?

Anyways. It packs a whopping 23,800 mAh battery and 3000 peak cranking amps in a small package that can be easily stored in your glove compartment or trunk.

It claims to jump-start vehicles with engine sizes up to 8-liter for both gasoline and diesel engines. But that can’t be true because diesel engines don’t rely on a spark from the plugs; instead, they rely on compression to raise the temperature of the air to the point where diesel fuel combusts instantaneously.

In layman’s terms: diesel engines generally require more power to start than gasoline engines. This jump starter could start diesel engines with up to 5.5-liter with its 2000 peak cranking amps.

In my testing on a 6.7-liter gasoline engine, it fired it right up without any problems, with the weak battery. As with other jump starters that I tested, I started the vehicle multiple times, to put some stress on this jump starter, and it performed well. It dropped to 75 percent after 4 jump starts which means it can probably do 20 jump starts at least with a full charge.

AVAPOW also claims that their jump starter does well in cold temperatures so to test it I put it in the freezer for 30 minutes. Never do this to your jump starter, as doing this can damage. I did it, so you don’t have to try this and know that this jump starter will work in the cold.

I then hooked it up to the truck (with a weak battery in a truck) and tried to jump-start it. It took some starter spins but finally jump-started the vehicle. All batteries (including lithium-ion) get affected by cold temperatures, but some perform better than others.

This jump starter performed well in this test too. Unfortunately, dropped to about 25 percent in just one jump start. Then after an hour or so, it came back to 75 percent. Still, it took 25 percent to jump-start the vehicle after being put in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Battery clamps are also solid but not as strong as my previous mention. Still, they don’t feel loose on the battery terminals, so you don’t have to worry about loose connections.

Like all good-quality jump starters, this also has reverse polarity and short circuit protection, so you have peace of mind there. This jump starter also has a bright flashlight, but the battery indicator LEDs on my unit are very dim. I talked to AVAPOW about this, and they never responded.

It comes with smart jumper cables, a USB-C charging cable, and a nice hardshell carrying case to put everything in storage. Unfortunately, the jump starter only charges at 18 watts with a QuickCharge compatible charge. But with a regular charger, you are going to be limited to 10 watts max.

This jump starter also has dual USB ports with quick charge 3.0 for android smartphones. If you have an iPhone, this jump starter will only do 10 watts through its USB ports.

In a nutshell, for $75 on Amazon, this is an excellent jump starter that performs really good in cold climates and is perfect for most people.

  • Solid build quality, and has decent power.
  • Can easily go in the glove box without taking much space.
  • Reverse polarity protection and voltage meter on jumper cables.
  • Clamps work well on motorcycle and ATV’s battery posts too.
  • USB charge out with QuickCharge 3.0.
  • USB-C charge in port with 18W power.
  • Comes with a hardshell carrying case for easy storage.
  • No wall charger included.
  • No boost/manual mode.
  • Customer support can use some improvements.


A powerful jump starter pack with a long-lasting battery.

This jump starter is an excellent choice for sedans and trucks with engine sizes less than 7.0 L. It is lightweight, durable, and provides reverse polarity protection.