How to Jump Start a BMW X1

The BMW X1 is an advanced vehicle and a wonder of German engineering. However, just like any other car, its battery can also die, leaving you stranded and unable to start the vehicle. Thus, you could be left wondering how to jump start a BMW X1.

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You can try three methods to jump start it, and I will explain them in the following sections.

3 Methods on How to Jump Start a BMW X1

If your BMW X1 has a dead battery, there are three methods you can try to jump-start your car. To successfully jump start your BMW X1, you need to:

  • Use the help of another car (automatic and manual transmission)
  • Use a battery pack (automatic and manual transmission)
  • Push start it (manual transmission only)

Note that the first two methods will only work if your BMW X1 has an automatic transmission. Push starting a BMW X1 with an automatic transmission is not possible because of the configuration and build design of the automatic transmission.

How to Jump Start a BMW X1 with Another Car

Make sure you have jumper cables

The first and easiest way to jump-start your BMW X1 would be to use another vehicle. To do this, you need to have jumper cables to help you connect to the aiding car. 

Locate the positive and negative terminals on your X1

The BMW X1 has dedicated positive and negative aid terminals inside the engine compartment.

The positive aid terminal is located at the top left side of the compartment, next to the windshield wipers fluid cap. 

A special nut in the lower left side of the engine acts as both the negative terminal and the ground.

Once you’ve located both terminals, remove any protective caps they may have and proceed to the next step.

Connect the jumper cables to the terminals

Once you find the terminals, connect one end of the red cable clamp to the positive terminal of your BMW and the other end to the positive terminal of the assisting car battery.

Then, connect one end of the black cable to the negative aid terminal on your BMW and the other end to the negative terminal of the assisting car battery. Ensure the clamps are tightly in place to avoid sparks and potential injury.

Start the engines on both vehicles

Once you’ve properly connected the cables, the first thing to do is to start the engine on the assisting vehicle and let it run for several minutes at an increased idle speed for the battery to charge. This will allow the dead battery on your BMW X1 to gain a small charge before starting the engine. 

After waiting for several minutes, go ahead and start the engine of your BMW. If it doesn’t start on the first try, wait several more minutes and try again. 

Once the engine starts, leave both cars running for two to three minutes and then disconnect the cables in reverse, starting from the negative aid terminal on your BMW X1.

And yes, you can do this jump-starting process in the rain.

How to Jump Start a BMW X1 with a Battery Pack

If you own a special battery pack, also called a portable jump starter, then you can easily start your BMW X1. 

The method is similar to the one above, except that you don’t need another vehicle to help you start your X1. Here’s how to do it.

Locate the positive and negative aid terminals on your X1

As I told you in the previous section, locate both the positive and negative aid terminals on your BMW X1. Remove any plastic covers they may have, and proceed to the next step.

Attach the portable battery pack terminals

The portable battery pack should have red (positive) and black (negative) wires. Attach these wires to the positive and negative aid terminals on your X1 accordingly. 

You can attach wires to your X1’s car battery if the wires on the battery pack are too short. 

Start the engine

Now that everything is attached, you must ensure that the battery pack is fully charged before starting the engine. A fully charged battery pack will give a maximum boost and help the engine start as easily as possible.

Start the engine, ensuring you don’t crank the engine for more than five seconds. This is because the battery pack may heat up, and if you continuously crank the engine, it might damage it permanently. 

Once the engine starts, remove the battery pack by disconnecting the negative wire first.

Push Starting a BMW X1 (Manual Transmission Only)

If you own a BMW X1 with a manual transmission, you can push to jump-start it.

Note: that this method only works for an X1 with a manual transmission. 

To jump-start a car by pushing it, you need to be able to have manual control over the clutch and transmission. 

You also need another person to help you push the car, as it would be difficult to do it yourself. Here’s how to push start your BMW X1:

  1. Enter your X1 and put it into neutral.
  2. Slowly start to push the vehicle (if you can) or with the help of another person.
  3. Once the X1 starts to gain speed and reach about 10mph (15km/h), step on the clutch and put the transmission into second gear.
  4. Release the clutch as the car is riding and start the engine simultaneously.
  5. If the X1 doesn’t start, repeat the process.

This method can start the car by engaging the engine, using the transmission, and giving it momentum.

Now that you’ve learned how to jump start a BMW X1, you will never again end up in trouble or helpless because of a dead car battery. 

The methods I explained are the same for jump-starting more than 90% of vehicles, so you will even know how to help a friend in trouble. 

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