Can You Use a Portable Jump Starter on a Motorcycle?

Can You Use a Portable Jump Starter on a Motorcycle

It may look like portable car battery jump starters are only for cars, but that’s not true. Combustion engines used in cars, motorcycles, and even dirt bikes, are very similar in many ways. They both take regular gas and use a 12v battery (like many modern cars) to spin the starter motor.

So can you use a jump-starter to start a dead motorcycle?

Yes. All you need to do is find the motorcycle’s internal battery which is usually under the seat or saddle. And connect the red jumper cable to the positive terminal and the black jumper cable to the negative terminal of the motorcycle battery.

Then you can turn the key and press the ignition on your motorcycle to start it. After your vehicle (motorcycle in this case) has started, you can remove the jumper cables and put away your portable jump starter.

Let the bike run for a couple of minutes or go for a ride to recharge the battery of your motorcycle.

Is it safe?

Yes. It is safe to jump-start your motorcycle using a jump starter. Almost all motorcycles run on 12V systems and most of the jump starters are designed to work with 12V systems. 

Can You Use a Portable Jump Starter on a Motorcycle
Excuse my rusty jumper clips. I made these myself when I did testing of 19 jump starters from different manufacturers.

Just make sure to connect the jumper cables correctly. Red goes to positive and black goes to negative terminals on your motorcycle battery.

It is nice to have a portable jump starter with reverse polarity protection and short-circuit protection. So even if you accidentally put the cables in the wrong way, your motorbike’s delicate electronics are protected.

I have tested several jump starters from different manufacturers to see what is the best deal. In this post, I cover my in-depth testing and reviews.

What if my motorcycle’s battery keep dying?

Can You Use a Portable Jump Starter on a Motorcycle

If your motorcycle’s battery keeps dying on you even if you drive it regularly, then you need to replace the battery for $20 to $40. A local repair shop can do the job. They even recycle old battery for free.

Your alternator could also have gone bad and not charging your motorcycle’s battery. You can get it repaired or replaced at a local mechanic workshop or authorized workshop. After getting your replacement, you will be able to jumpstart your car battery with it easily.

It is not a bad idea to buy a proper 12V automotive battery charger and a multimeter. This way, you can keep your battery charged and check the battery voltage. Also, the multimeter can come handy when doing DIY repairs on your motorcycle, car, and other vehicles you might own.

My knowledge about motorcycles and jump-starters.

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