KLR 250 problems: Problems, Reasons & Possible Solution

If you would ask any bike user about the KLR series of bikes, they would definitely mention KLR 250. This is an all-rounder bike and the users have claimed it as a reliable choice. But no bike is out of problems, and so the KLR 250 is. 

So, what are the common KLR 250 problems? 

The most frequently causing issues of KLR 250 are gummed-up carburetor, starting problem, system overheating issue, and valve issue. For the carburetor issue, you need to clean it. Starting issue will also be resolved through it. And the heating problem can be solved by installing an exhaust system. 

This part was to give you a hint of our entire discussion. You can give the following article a read for all the details about these problems as well as the simplest solutions.  

4 Common Problems With KLR 250

Here are the common problems of KLR 250, along with the reason and solutions in the following table-

Carburator Gummed Up
Bike unridden for longLeftover fuel in the carburetor
Clean the carburetor
Starting IssueClogged float bowl drainUnclean carburetor Fire up with starting fluid and clean the clogged parts
Valve IssueLoose valveTighten the valves as required
Heat ProblemNo proper heat passing and airflow system Install exhaust system

Carburetor Gummed Up:

A gummed-up carburetor is a common problem with the KLR250 bikes. Usually, when the issue is with the carburetor, you may notice a sudden shutting off in the system. Sometimes if you stop the engine and try to start it again, it may refuse to start.

Carburetor Gummed Up
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There can be different issues behind carburetor failure but for the gummed carburetor, due to a clogged carburetor. It can happen if your bike has not been used for a while and you try to use it again. That too with the same old leftover oil, such a problem may arise.

The same old oil also leads to a clogged float bowl drain. It is very important to keep your carburetor well-maintained and clean regularly for a smooth ride.


Here is the detailed process of removing the carburetor from the system and cleaning it-


This is the stepwise process for carburetor removal-

  • Turn off the fuel tank and place a container below the fuel drain hose
  • Open the drain screw located at the bottom right side of the carburetor
  • Remove the fuel line and throttle cables
  • Carefully unscrew the plastic choke cable nut from the left
  • Lose the clap of the carburetor that holds the engine
  • Finally, remove the carburetor from the airbox tube

After removing all the parts of the carburetor, you can start the cleaning process. Start cleaning part by part in your way but it is best to use a carburetor cleaner for it.

Take a tub and pour the carb cleaner on it. Now soak the metal components on it along with the carburetor body. Keep the parts soaking for a couple of hours and then wash all the components under runny water. 

Make sure every small hole is cleaned appropriately so that there is no rust or dirt clogged in. For any plastic or rubber component, then don’t soak it in carb cleaner as it is a strong substance. 

Starting Issue:

Another common issue with the carburetor is starting issue. The symptoms are quite similar to the carburetor issue as the carburetor is the main component that starts the bike. 


The main reason behind starting issue is a clogged float bowl drain. The float bowl drain comes with a carburetor. Sometimes old fuel residue also clogs the carburetor and the tubes related to it. 


The float bowl drain is a part of the fuel passing of the carburetor. So cleaning the carburetor will unclog this part as well.

In our discussion above we have described all the details of the carburetor cleaning process. Please go through that part for all the details. 

Bonus: Sometimes jump starting can be a great help in starting a dead engine. 

Valve Issue:

Another very common issue with KLR250 is the valve issue. Now there can be several reasons behind the valve issues. But commonly one would get the indication of a valve problem when the engine refuses to start while cold.

Valve Issue
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If the adjustment of the valve is too loose, that can be a reason behind the valve issue. Other than that, sometimes we try to make adjustments to other components, which can cause misadjustment to the valve. 


Here is how you can adjust the loose valve of your KLR250-

  • Remove the bolts covering the valve cover and uncover the valve
  • Turn over the engine using a wrench on the crankshaft bolt
  • For adjusting the valve, insert a feeler gauge in between the rocker arm and valve stem
  • If you find the feeler gauge is very loose, you need to adjust the valve
  • Lose the lock nut and turn the adjuster screw unit you feel drag in the feeler gauge
  • Tighten the lock nut again
  • Repeat the same process on another valve
  • Finally, check the compression using a compression gauge

For further details on KLR 250 valve, carb oil, or spark plug, you can check:

Heat Problem:

Heating problem is one of the common issues with any type of bike and KLR250 is not exceptional here. The main symptom that you will notice is the bike is getting overheated after a few miles of riding. You will also notice the temperature gauge indication is at least 50% higher than it used to be. 


Sometimes the exhaust system fails to work properly and in consequence, the system gets hot while running a few miles. Other than that, old coolant also plays a vital role in heating the system.


Usually, exhaust installation can help in solving the heating problem of KLR250. And the process is given below-

  • Remove the previous exhaust by removing the bolts that are holding it
  • Place the new exhaust in place of the older one
  • Tighten all the bolts following the specifications of the manufacturer’s guide
  • Adjust the carburetor accordingly that match the new exhaust system
  • Finally, start the bike and let the engine run for a couple of minutes. Inspect for any unusuality and if there seems no problem then go for a test drive.

For better understanding, watch this video:

Bonus: KLX is another range of motorcycles similar to KLR. You can check klx 110 street legal from here for further needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is KLR 250 a reliable bike?

Yes, KLR 250 is a quite good all-around dual sport reliable bike. This would be a great choice if you want to have a bit of all-in-one on your motorcycle. This motorcycle has to offer gravel roads, mild trail riding, commuting, play riding, and many more. Overall this can be a good choice for any rider. 

What is the HP configuration of KLR 250?

KLR 250 is a good all-rounder motorcycle with a horsepower of 25HP. A few other specifications of KLR 250 are, it has a 249cc liquid-cooled 4-valve 4-stroke engine. The highest speed of KLR 250 is 85 MPH and it has 6-speed manual clutch transmission.

What is the mileage of a KLR 250 bike?

KLR 250 has a decent gas milage of 50-65 mpg which is 3.62 – 4.70 L/100 km. The speed of KLR 250 is around 86 mph (138 km/h). the horsepower range of the KLR 250 is around 23-28 PS. Overall this can be a great choice for someone who is looking for a bike with decent configuration.

Final Words

We hope this article regarding KLR 250 Problem could give you enough insight into KLR250 issues. All you have to do is inspect the system properly to identify the issue exactly and follow the solution. 

One last tip, do not forget the regular maintenance of your vehicle. 

That was everything from our side. See you soon with something more informative. 

Till then, safe driving!

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