6 Best Window Tints You Should Buy + Complete Guide.

When it comes to the best window tint for your car, SUV, Truck, Minivan or even a Camper, there are a lot of options on the market and every brand or manufacturer claims that their product is the best among all. That is not true and it’s really hard to find the best window tint for your vehicle.

I purchased 27 best-rated window tint films and tested thoroughly to see what is the best option for most people.

For this specific post, I spent over 1700$ to purchase and test each tint in-depth (over 6-7 months) and concluded to these 6 tint options to be the best overall of the choices there are on Amazon.

Let’s find out the best window tint film for you.

MotoShield Pro Pre-cut Ceramic Tint

This premium nano-ceramic car window tint offering from MotoShield blocks harmful UV (both UVA and UVB rays) and IR from our good friend sun. It is the best ceramic tint for around 100$. It’s precut and easy to work with.

  • UV Protection: 99%
  • Heat Rejection: 75%
  • Ease of Install: 80%
  • Durability: 90%
  • Overall: 86%

When ordering, you can tell the seller the make/model/year of your car to get a perfectly cut tint for all glass windows of your vehicle. Pre-cut is the better option because this ensures a perfect fit without any hassle of cutting the tint yourself.

But if you want to buy a roll, MotoSheild offers 100ft tint rolls and you can choose between 20 or 40 inches wide.

This window tint comes packaged very well and the pre-cuts are perfect with just enough overlap for when you heat mold it to your glass. My friend who used to install window tints 13 years ago said that the tint film is thick but still the easiest and very forgiving to install and took him about an hour to do all 6 panels.

If you have never done window tints, they give you a practice film so you can get the hang of how to do the job.

I live in New Mexico and was not expecting any big difference. But oh boy, this window tint made the car cooler to a noticeable degree and even now the AC works more efficiently now.

In short, this window tint provides great heat rejection, protects from harmful UV rays and very easy to install, even if you are not a professional.

I highly recommend this window tint and I will purchase this myself for my next daily driver.

Key features:

  1. Shades available: 70% to 5% VLT.
  2. For sedans only.
  3. Only 2mm thick film.
  4. Superior Solar Protection: Blocks UVA, UVB and IR.
  5. Does not affect with radio/GPS/cellular signals.
  6. Will not fade or shift colors.
  7. Easy to install.

Included in this tint kit:

  1. 1x Front Windshield film.
  2. 2x Front Window film.
  3. 2x Rear Window film.
  4. Back Window film.
  5. Film for any quarter windows or panels (if your car has).

MotoShield Pro Pre-cut Ceramic Tint (for Trucks, SUVs and Minivans)

This premium nano-ceramic car window tint offering from MotoShield blocks harmful UV (both UVA and UVB rays) and IR to keep your Truck or SUV cooler when you are on out on adventure. You can’t go wrong here for just 60$.

  • UV Protection: 99%
  • Heat Rejection: 75%
  • Ease of Install: 80%
  • Durability: 90%
  • Overall: 86%

When I ordered this tint, the first thing I noticed was how well it was packed (like all other packages from MotoShield). It was rolled in a thick cardboard tube with good padding on either side to prevent wrinkles or crease during shipping.

 This window tint has nano-ceramic technology which provides great protection from harmful UV and IR rays from the sun. 

All of the pieces for my 2011 Toyota Tacoma were cut perfectly and fit exceptionally well. Installation on my truck was rather simple because the windows aren’t curved as much as on some sedans.

Best Window Tints You Should Buy

On the back glass, it took some effort (because of hard to reach corners) and I had to lift the tint couple of times to get some dust out but a lot of soapy water and patience made the job very easy. In the end, the tint came out looking great.

For best heat and UV protection, this tint for Trucks, Minivans and SUVs is the best option that works even when you are out in summer adventures.

Key features:

  1. Shades available: 70% to 5% VLT.
  2. For SUVs, Mini Vans and Trucks.
  3. Only 2mm thick film.
  4. Superior Solar Protection: Blocks UVA, UVB and IR.
  5. Does not affect with radio/GPS/cellular signals.
  6. Will not fade or shift colors.
  7. Easy to install.

Included in this tint kit:

  1. 2x Front Window film.
  2. 2x Rear Window film (if your truck has them).
  3. Back Window film.
  4. Film for any quarter windows or cargo panels.

Lexen Carbon Pre-cut carbon tint film

This offering from Lexen is also pre-cut window tint film for your car but it has carbon deposits in the film which gives it a dark and matte finish. It is really inexpensive at under 40$. Or you can get a nice sushi dinner for one.

  • UV Protection: 90%
  • Heat Rejection: 40%
  • Ease of Install: 80%
  • Durability: 75%
  • Overall: 86%

It helps to block heat inside the cabin but not as much as a ceramic tint film would do. But it is also not as expensive as a ceramic tint film would usually cost so I am not complaining here.

This tinted window film is my second favorite on the list and it provides a variety of VLT shades like ceramic films. 

This window tint film from Lexan is the most popular on marketplaces as it is affordable from all the other offerings and still offers great product quality and customer service. When ordering this tint kit, you have to tell the seller your vehicle, make/model/year to get precise cut tint films.

 I ordered this tint film for my friend and it came packaged very well in a thick tube. The excess tint was left on the cut-outs which was a good thing because it stopped the film from moving inside and causing scratches or damage to the usable part. 

Installation was also simple and straightforward. Don’t stick to instructions included, they are garbage. Just watch a youtube video and practice on scrap film that is included before doing the actual tint.

After tinting the car.

I did have to mold the film to back window glass but that was easy and it came out perfect. Just be patient, use lots of soapy water and get a second person to hand you tools or grow a third arm. The tint would come out great.

As this is a budget window tint film so I have to see if it shifts color or fade over time. So far, 6 months have passed and it is in pristine condition. 

In short, if you are in a budget go for this. It is better than all the sub-40$ tint films on the market.

Key features:

  1. 2Ply carbon technology.
  2. 1.5 mm thick.
  3. Blocks UV (UVA and UVB) rays.
  4. Shades available from 50% to 5% VLT.
  5. Thousands of patterns for vehicles made during 1990 to 2019.
  6. Easy to install.

Included in this tint kit:

  1. 2x Front Window film.
  2. 2x Rear Window film.
  3. 1x Back Window film.
  4. Film for any quarter windows or panels (if they are on your car).
  5. A little plastic scraper.

Diablo 2 Ply window tint film roll

Diablo is a Texas-based window tinting company and they do it all. From large commercial buildings, offices, and homes to cars, minivans trucks and even RVs. At 90$ this 2 Ply tint roll is plenty enough to tint a whole car.

  • UV Protection: 99%
  • Heat Rejection: 45%
  • Ease of Install: 60%
  • Durability: 85%
  • Overall: 72%

This offering from Diablo is economical and of excellent quality. It blocks out heat to a noticeable degree and gives you great privacy as it is only available in dark shades like 35% to 5%. This makes it unsuitable for front windows but in some states, but you can go dark to a limo tint on rear windows.

This tint arrived in a cardboard box and was well protected during shipping. I see some people complaining about the tint being damaged during shipping but that was not my case.

I installed this tint on my friend’s camper and I must tell you it is really easy and stress-free to work with. This film is thick, strong which makes it hard to crease during installation but very easy to mold around the glass with a little heat.

Best Window Tints You Should Buy

The only challenge is cutting the pieces as the tint film only comes in rolls. I wasted some film trying to cut it (perfect) to windows but I found that a sharp stainless steel blade does the trick. It’s a little hard but once you get the hang of it, you are good. 

If you plan to use this on house windows it should be pretty straight forward as you do not have to heat mold it around the glass.

If you need a large roll of film and only want to tint rear windows then this tint is for you. Also, you get a lot of tint film, so you can practice on some and then install a perfect film. 

Key features:

  1. Economical tint.
  2. Extruded from single material.
  3. No dye used in tint film
  4. No color shifting or fading.
  5. Suitable for auto, residential and commercial applications.
  6. Blocks 99% of UV (UVA and UVB) rays.
  7. Hard to crease and easily moldable around glass.

Included in this tint kit:

  1. 36” by 100 ft roll of tint film

TrueLine Automotive Pre-cut window tint

This window tint film is another pre-cut film offering from TrueLine Automotive. You can buy this tint film in 1ply or 2ply grades and choose VLT shades between 50% to 5%. For 50$ this can protect your from harmful UV rays and keep you cool, without breaking your wallet.

  • UV Protection: 85%
  • Heat Rejection: 45%
  • Ease of Install: 80%
  • Durability: 80%
  • Overall: 72%

I bought the 2 ply grade in this window tint film kit and arrived with the damage on the packaging and for a moment I thought the film inside was ruined but the seller did a good job packing it so the film was in perfect condition inside.

Installation was also pretty easy and straightforward. Lots of soapy water, a third hand and a little bit of patience. It molded well to curves of back window glass and does not crease very easily.

This window tint film was perfectly cut for my brother’s Prius and my razor blade did not even come out of my tool bag to trim the little bit of extra that usually needs to get trimmed.

Best Window Tints You Should Buy

I installed this tint film around 7ish months ago as the time of writing this and it has not faded or discolored. I will update here if anything changes or happens regarding this window tint.

So if you want an economical and easy-to-install window tint film, this window tint film from TrueLine is a great option to consider.

Key features:

  1. Available in 1ply or 2ply.
  2. Available in different tint shades from 50% to 5%.
  3. Really easy to work with.
  4. Perfect pre-cuts for precise installation.
  5. No coloring or fading of tint film.

Included in this tint kit:

  1. 2x Front Window film.
  2. 2x Rear Window film.
  3. 1x Back Window film.
  4. Film for any quarter windows or panels (if they are on your car).

MotoShield Pro for Windshield 70% pre-cut ceramic

This ceramic tint film is only for windshields in the lightest tint shade of 70%. This ceramic film allows maximum visibility while still guarding you against harmful UV rays of the sun and reduces heat inside the cabin. It’s a bit pricey at 50$ but the protection it offers is unmatched.

  • UV Protection: 99%
  • Heat Rejection: 75%
  • Ease of Install: 30%
  • Durability: 90%
  • Overall: 73%

You have to check with your state’s law first before you can decide to tint your windshield. 

Like any other MotoShield Pro tint film, this is made of quality materials and cut precisely to your windshield. Installation is pretty straight forward but because the dash is really in the way of the windshield, it might be a challenge.

Use lots of soapy water and take your time to alight and squeegee out all the excess water. Put a clean microfiber cloth on the dashboard so it soaks all the excess water. And be prepared to get sore neck and shoulders the next day.

This 70% tint does not affect any visibility, reduces glare from the sun and the heat difference is noticeable.

If you just want to tint your windshield, then this might be a better, safer and easy-to-install choice for you.

Key features:

  1. For front windshields only.
  2. Only 2mm thick film.
  3. Superior Solar Protection: Blocks UVA, UVB and IR.
  4. Does not affect with radio/GPS/cellular signals.
  5. Will not fade or shift colors.

Included in this tint kit:

  1. 1x Front Windshield film.

Now we’ll talk about some additional things but before that here’s another article for you on – The best tint for sunroof

Do I get paid by MotoShield?

No. I did not get paid by any company or tint manufacturer on the list (or ever) to talk good or bad about them. They probably don’t even know me. 

I spend my own money and time on these products. My reviews are purely what I think of a product.

I just like MotoShield Pro because it is a better choice for my money. That’s it.

What to look for when buying a window tint?

What to look for when buying a window tint


Budget is the first thing you consider when making any purchase decision and it is no different when it comes to tinting your windows.

For window tint films, you get what you paid for and I would prefer to go with ceramic window tint film. It is expensive of all but also superior to all the other options out there including dyed, metallic or even a carbon film.

Ceramic tint blocks almost 70-80 percent of heat and around 99% of UV rays that are the leading cause of skin cancer. If you have a low budget then go for a carbon tint film. It does not block as much heat as the ceramic tint film but it is about half the price of what a decent ceramic tint film would cost.

Just don’t go for a cheap ceramic option because all of the cheap ceramic tint films that I tested have a very noticeable haze which affects visibility.

Local laws

Always follow your local law before doing anything and the same goes when tinting your windows. Each state is different when it comes to how dark can you tint your car.

Each state has a different VLT that is allowed, which is the amount of visible light inside the cabin. High VLT like 70% means a lighter tint and a low VLT like 20% means you can go dark.

You really do not want to install a tint film only for a police officer to tell you to remove it because it is not legal. Here is the map for the united states tint law.

Want to know how dark you can go in your state?

Medical Exemptions

If you have a medical condition that requires you to be under the sun shade then you can get a written note from your physician and get the state to allow you a darker tint than what is normally allowed. 

Precut or Rolled?

This is a big decision about how you want your window tint to be delivered to you. I like precut window tint because it is really easy to handle and install. Of course, some people prefer rolled tint so they have a lot of material to work with. The biggest benefit of rolled tint is that gives you room to make a mistake, and we all learn from our mistakes. 

Harmful UV Rays Blocking

Around 95% of skin cancers are caused by UV rays.. All tint films block harmful UV rays. It is not something that one company does better over others. If you buy a decent quality window tint then you should be well protected from these UV rays. 

IR Rays Blocking

This is interesting. When we go outside in the sun, we feel the heat. That heat is not from the visible light of the sun but rather from the infrared light from the sun.

When it comes to blocking that heat from the sun, usually ceramic window tints are a much better option followed by carbon tint films. 

Don’t go for metallic.

Metallic window tints are made by laminating small metallic particles between two layers of film. Metallic tint films are good at reflecting heat and UV rays but that is not the only thing they reflect.

Metallic tint films also affect cellular reception, GPS connectivity, and radio streaming. Just avoid these metallic films altogether. Ceramic window tints are way advanced and do not cause problems like this. 

These types of tint films are also more reflective than a standard ceramic or carbon tint film which makes these Illegal in most states.

What are the benefits of window tints?

What are the benefits of window tints


There is no doubt that tinting your windows can make the car look 10 times better at least. If you don’t believe me, just google pictures of same car with and without window tints.

UV Protection

UV rays are the main cause of skin cancer in the United States. UV rays can also damage leather inside your car and cause your dash and other parts in the cabin to prematurely crack and fall apart.

Installing a tint film can block these UV rays and ensure a healthier life for you as well as your interior and leather upholstery.

Heat Rejection

When we go in the sunlight we feel the heat. That heat is because of the IR rays coming from the sun and not the actual visible light.

A good quality ceramic tint can block the IR rays and make your cabin cooler on the inside. This can also help in your AC working more efficiently and slightly improving your MPG.


Window tint provides privacy to the people and valuables like your laptop or smartphone or jewelry that you may keep inside your car.

A dark tint can make it harder to look inside your car and it is a great way to make potential thieves think twice about their actions.

Shatter-proofing glass

In case of a road accident, a window tint film can hold the glass shards together to help reduce injuries.

I am pretty sure you do not want to be in an accident where sharp glass shards are flying towards you. It’s not something that people think in advance but a broken glass can get in your eye or cut your skin.

Types of window tints

How to install a window tint

[table id=3 /]


Dyed tint films are like colored glass. It just creates a shade inside the cabin and due to that shade, you can get some UV protection and a little bit of heat rejection.

Dyed tint films tend to fade and shift colors over time and start to bubble due to their poor adhesive properties. 


 Metallic films were invented in the early 90s by adding small metallic particles to the dye and infusing them into a thin layer of plastic film. This introduced the premium era of window tinting films and these metallic films reflected UV and IR rays making the cabin inside significantly cooler than just dyed tint films.

Due to the metallic particles in the film, it not only blocked UV and IR but also blocked most of the radio, cellular and GPS signals. It also interfered with keyless entry.

Find out why window tint affect keyless entry?


When carbon tint film was introduced, it did not have any metal in it so it did not affect any radio or cellular reception.

A good quality carbon tint film can block around 40-45 percent of the heat by blocking IR rays from entering into the cabin and damaging leather in your car.

Unlike dyed or some metallic films, carbon film will not shift colors or fade over time.


Ceramic window tint film is a crème de la crème of all window tint films. It blocks all of the UV rays (both UVA and UVB) and the heat from IR light. A good quality ceramic tint can block heat as much as 50-70 percent.

That sounds too good to be true but it works. It does not affect any visibility or interfere with radio, GPS or cellular signals.

Ceramic tints are costliest of all but they also last a long time (probably 10+ years) than any other tint. Some tint installers will give you a lifetime warranty on your ceramic tint films. 

How to install a window tint?

How to install a window tint

Installing a window tint is not an overly complicated task like some people have made it up. It is just like installing a screen protector on your phone, instead, you will do that to a glass window in your car.

If you are comfortable working with cars then you will do a pretty nice job. Just practice on some scrap tint film. Usually, companies that sell pre-cut give you some spare tint to practice on.

Just be sure to use lots of soapy water and work with patience. 

This guy is my fav when it comes to tinting tutorials. He explains everything in detail and you learn a lot from him.

Or if you are not confident in your skills, just get it installed by a professional.

What to look for in a tint installer?

What to look for in a tint installer

Always go to a good tint installer. Look at their business up on Yelp or Facebook and see what people have to say about them. This will tell you how authentic they are. A good tint shop will offer a lifetime warranty because they are confident in their tint installs.

Always talk to them about the warranty before closing the deal.

If you find a good installer, stick to it. 

I have a guy where I have been going for more than 15 years. We are friends now.

If you live in California, MotoShield is a great option too. They offer a lifetime warranty on tints if you get your tints done from them.

How to take care of your window tint?

How to take care of your window tint

1. The very first thing I tell people is to not roll down windows at least 2 to 3 days when you get your tints done. This will ensure two things.

  • All the water is evaporated from the fresh tint install.
  • Adhesive has fully cured and the tint film is stuck to the glass.

This will help you to avoid any bubbles or peeling of tint film.

2. Clean your tints only with ammonia-free cleaner and a lint-free cleaning cloth. You might want to use a little bit of distilled water too. After that, you can use a microfiber cloth to carefully dry the tint. If you take good care of your tints, they will probably last a long time. 

3. No matter how hard a company advertises that their tint is scratch proof or scratch resistance, they are probably going to scratch pretty easily. Avoid bumping with zippers, metal or any sharp things into it. Usually warranties don’t cover for a scratched tint.

4. Park your car under a shade while cleaning. Usually the sun can dry out the cleaner too quickly and might leave streaks on your tint.

How long will it take to tint my windows?

How long will it take to tint my windows

Tinting is a relaxing, afternoon job. If you are completely new to tinting, it can take around 4 hours or so to finish a tint install. Sometimes it can seem a bit tough when the tint isn’t working the way you want it to. For that moment my advice would be to just relax and take your time to not crease it.

Soapy water is your best friend when it comes to doing a nice and clean tint job. Just be patient so you can do it right the first time.

If you want to get your tints done from a shop, it can take somewhere between 4 hours to a day, depending on how busy they are.

So you want to know how long are the tinted windows actually going to last?

Best Window Tints You Should Buy

It depends on the quality of the tint film, the quality of an installation job and how much care you take of it.

In my personal experience, a good quality ceramic tint film can last around 10-15 years.


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