Top 5 Best Flashlight to Keep in Your Glove Box

So Best Flashlights to Keep in Your Glove Box? We all carry useful things in our vehicles and a flashlight is one of the most essential things (or tools) that some of us always forget. These little flashlights are inexpensive and prove to be quite useful in emergency situations. In short, a flashlight is one of your most needed tools.

I have been searching for the best flashlight to store in all my vehicles, but so far I have not found one. During my research and testing of different flashlights, I have found some very excellent options which I am going to share with you all.

Let’s start this list in the search for the best flashlight that is surely going to live in your glove box and help you out in emergency situations, for years to come.

Best Flashlight

Olight S2R II

This flashlight is small, takes regular 18650 rechargeable batteries, and has a great grip. It’s also magnetic so you can stick it on the hood of your vehicle while working on it. This is not only one of my favorites, but it’s one of the best flashlights you can buy.

Olight has been making lights for quite some time. I have been using their camping flashlights for about 10 years and they have never let me down.

The lens on this flashlight is not made out of glass but a really hard polycarbonate so it is not going to break even if you drop it. This design choice gives it a 1.5-meter drop proof rating and it is waterproof with a certification of IPX8.

It is really bright for its size and is perfect for everyday use. It has a magnet on its back so you can stick it to anything that is metal. This is really a lifesaver feature as you can stick it to your car’s hood to work under it.

This flashlight takes regular rechargeable 18650 batteries that are widely available on the market. On a single charge, it can last for a long time and when it’s time to charge it again, the convenient magnetic charger works great. You just need to stick it to the back and plug it into any USB socket.

The clip on this flashlight is also very useful and unlike most flashlights, it can be clipped both ways. This is really important if you want to stick to it.

This tiny little flashlight is perfect for EDC (everyday carry) or if you want to throw it in your glove box. It’s lightweight, small, well-built, and keeps on working. This little thing is built like a tank.

I have been using this flashlight for a long time now and it is probably going to last me a lifetime.

  • Excellent build quality with a nice textured handle for great grip.
  • High-brightness LED with a peak of 1150 lumens.
  • Uses a regular 18650 rechargeable battery.
  • Magnetic base so you can stick it to anything metal for hands-free operation.
  • Convenient magnetic charging connector so you don’t have to fumble around with ports.
  • Easy-to-press side button for various brightness and emergency SOS feature.
  • Includes a 1A high-efficiency USB wall charger.
  • A bit pricier but it can still be justified for the features this flashlight offers.

Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS

This flashlight is my personal favorite and one of the best flashlights in my opinion. To me, it’s literally one of the most needed tools and gears to have on my car. This 9-inch long flashlight feels like a tank and is built to last. Really. It has a super bright LED (rated for 50,000 hours) and can be recharged with 12v AC or 120v AC.

My friend who has retired as a Deputy Chairman titled this flashlight “Cop Proof.”

Something I really admire about this flashlight is its build quality. I have tested a lot of flashlights, but nothing comes close to this one for the price. If you want the best flashlight for your car (or everyday use), stop reading this and just buy this flashlight.

For starters, this flashlight is built like a tank. I know I have talked about its build quality a lot, but I can’t help it. It’s that good. Yes, there are some flashlights built better than this, but they cost way too much than this beast. (Wait for the next product review.)

The LED in this flashlight is of high quality and super-bright.

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Energizer Advanced LED Flashlight

This flashlight from Energizer is built with air-craft grade metal and has a super bright light. It has a small and lightweight design with a solid grip: perfect for storing in your glove box or carrying it daily with you.

Energizer is famous for making high-quality and large-capacity batteries and battery packs but did you know they also made flashlights? Battery life is several hours. Yeah me neither until I saw this flashlight at a local store.

I was amazed by the build quality and the performance of this flashlight. It is super bright and the light beam can reach a long way. Energizer claims around 700. ft and 1300 lumens. I did not have an accurate way of finding lumens but I can tell you it is very bright and can easily light up the entire street without any problem.

In my testing, this flashlight lasted around 7ish hours on high brightness and around 18 hours on low brightness settings. I used the Duracell Ultra AA batteries in this flashlight.

It also has a digital focus which is just a marketing thing in my opinion. You push and hold a button to make the beam wide or narrow to make it easy for you to see what you are doing. The light on this flashlight is more on the yellow side to mimic daylight.

This makes it easy on the eyes so you are not going to get the blotchy vision that normally occurs after using a cheap quality led flashlight.

The flashlight gets a little warm when used for longer times but not something that you should worry about.

It is also splash-resistant and drop-proof. The lens is made from high-quality plastic so it isn’t going to break or get scratched easily. You are going get scuffs and scratches (on the metal body) but it is not going to break even if you drop it from head height. Like many other flashlights, it has two brightness levels and a strobe light mode.

It takes 6 AA batteries to power the flashlight and you can use rechargeable ones too. The earlier models of this flashlight had a major design flaw where the battery compartment door would rub against the cells when closing but I did not find this issue in my particular flashlight.

In short, this is a really bright and durable flashlight and a great throwback to the old flashlights that used incandescent bulbs. You are not going to find this bright flashlight this cheap anywhere.

  • Excellent build quality and splashproof design.
  • Has three bright LEDs.
  • Adjustable beam pattern.
  • Can take normal AA batteries which are available everywhere.
  • Lens made out of high-quality durable plastic.
  • Can be easily stored in the glove box.
  • Does not have a strap hook so you can not hang it.
  • False advertisement on USB charging feature.
  • Some units might have a faulty battery compartment door.

Shadowhawk X800 Super Bright Flashlight

This flashlight from Shadowhawk is made for camping and fishing and it is splashproof and shock-resistant. It is super-bright with an adjustable beam pattern and comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger. This makes it perfect for storing in your glovebox for emergency situations.

Originally, I received this flashlight as a gift. It is compact and bright and has a solid build quality. It is made from high-quality aluminum with a textured finish on the grip which makes it feel solid while holding it without worrying about dropping it accidentally.

This flashlight has a high-quality Cree LED which is super bright and has a long runtime. Shadowhawk claims that this flashlight can last around 6 hours on medium brightness settings.

I found this true in my testing but you can greatly improve the life span by getting a better quality 18650 rechargeable battery. These batteries have become quite popular recently and are not expensive at all.

It has three brightness levels and also has a strobe function. You can press the button halfway to switch between the different light modes including the strobe light. At its highest brightness level, it can reach around 400 ft (or more) easily. In my testing, it lasted around 5 hours on medium brightness with the included rechargeable battery.

On a Samsung rechargeable 18650 battery (used for vapes or e-cigarettes), it lasted like 10 hours on a medium brightness level.

Recharging the battery is also very easy and convenient. You can use the included wall charger and battery holder to recharge the battery or you can use the included USB cable and plug it into any USB charger to recharge the battery.

In short, this great little flashlight is built solid and is more reliable than some flashlights that cost three times as much. Overall, it is a winner for sure!

  • Build from high-quality aluminum.
  • Solid, textured grip. Feels great in my hands.
  • High-quality Cree LED for bright and relatively color-accurate light.
  • Different light modes and brightness levels.
  • Uses a common 18650 rechargeable battery.
  • Comes with a wall charger and can also be charged through the USB port.
  • Includes a nice carrying and storage case.
  • USB charging cable is proprietary.
  • Included 18650 battery is not of very good quality. Battery life is not too long.
  • The battery holder is not designed to take abuse or rough use.

HeroBeam Car Emergency Flashlight

It has a two-light mode: a flashlight and a lantern. This bright LED light is packed in a rubberized, water and shock-resistant, and easy-to-find case. It uses strong magnets in its base so you can stick it to car parts for hands-free work. And it comes in a pack of 2 with a 3-year warranty!

I really love the color of this flashlight: it’s bright orange, which makes it easier to find in the glove box, even if it is buried under a million other things.

This flashlight is built from high-quality rubberized material which makes it easier to grip and also makes it water resistant and shockproof. And don’t worry, this rubberized material is not going to get sticky after long use. It also takes very less space in your glovebox and is very lightweight if you want to carry it in your pocket.

It has two light modes: the regular flashlight (with a long-range, narrow beam pattern) and a work light (with a short but much wider beam pattern). You can switch between light modes with a three-way toggle switch. The high-quality side light emits a uniform wide flood of light and comes very handy, especially when used with the magnetic base.

I have used this flashlight all the time for changing tires and searching my vehicle’s cargo area. I can easily stick this flashlight to the fender or the underside of the boot (thanks to its strong magnetic base) and it holds very securely without causing any scratches on the vehicle.

My only gripe with this flashlight is the three-way toggle switch which is used to turn on and off different light modes. I have not found it very durable or reliable. Mine broke off after the flashlight fell from a roughly 7-ish-foot height.

In short, these are great flashlights to add to your emergency/non-emergency/glovebox as a backup. I have bought a twin pack and I am about to buy another twin pack after I am done writing this blog post.

  • Built from a high-quality rubberized material that is going to last.
  • Water and drop resistant. I have tested this myself and the flashlight still works flawlessly.
  • Outputs high-quality and bright light.
  • Two light modes: more focused beam and flood light.
  • Excellent for working in the dark or camping.
  • The push button switch is not so reliable.

FAQs: Best Flashlights

Which is the best flashlight on the market?

According to GearJunkie, the Fenix PD36R is the best flashlight of 2023. It offers a maximum of 2,800 lumens, a beam distance of 1,247 feet, and a runtime of 42 hours . Alternatively, Forbes Vetted recommends the Imalent MS18 as the brightest flashlight on the market

What flashlight do Navy Seals use?

Navy SEALs use a variety of flashlights, but the most commonly used ones are SureFire flashlights. Specifically, the SureFire 6P, G2, and E2D models are preferred for their durability, brightness, and compact size. These flashlights are also waterproof and can withstand harsh conditions, making them ideal for military use.

What is the brightest flashlight in 2023?

According to a review by ZDNET, the brightest flashlight of 2023 is the Imalent SR32 with a maximum output of 120,000 lumens. The Imalent SR32 is capable of illuminating objects up to 6,824 feet away and is ideal for outdoor activities, emergencies, or photography lighting 

Is 1000 lumens bright for a flashlight?

Yes, 1000 lumens is considered a bright flashlight. Lumens are a measure of the total amount of light emitted by a flashlight, and 1000 lumens is a good amount of brightness for most outdoor activities

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