Drz400 Chain Tension: Details in Steps

If you are a bike owner, you must know how intricate it is to have the right chain tension. If there is any misadjustment in chain tension, it may lead your vehicle to long-term damage. 

Ao what is the appropriate Drz400 chain tension?

Well, in general, the appropriate chain tension for DRZ400 is around 40 to 50 millimeters or 1.6 to 2 inches of slack in the middle point of the chain. This chain tension is measured between the front and rear sprocket. Right chain tension would give you much more flexibility in chain engagement.  

This is just an overview of the entire discussion. In the following, there will be a detailed discussion along with the adjustment procedure. Don’t forget to check it out.

Drz400 Chain Tension Adjustment: Stepwise

Here are the steps following which you can make the chain tension adjustment in your Drz400 tension-

Tools we need-

  • Digital Caliper
  • 10 mm wrench
  • 12mm wrench
  • Breaker bar
  • 24 mm socket
  • Torque wrench 
suzuki drz400sm chain tension
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Step 1: Adjusting the Chain Slack

The very first thing you should start with is adjusting the chain slack. Press down the chain half the way between the front and back sprocket and move up and down.

Ideally, the chain slack should be 1.6 to 2 inches in the middle of the swing arm. If it is not in the ideal position, then it needs to be adjusted. 

Step 2: Lose the Axle Nut

Start with losing the axle nut on both sides using a wrench or socket. Make sure the axle nut is loose enough on both sides to move the block adjuster freely. But do not lose it too much otherwise, the block adjusters won’t be arrested against the adjuster nut. 

Step 3: Chain Adjusting

Now using a wrench, turn the chain adjusters either clockwise or anticlockwise to make the chain tension adjustment. A clockwise turn will make the real wheel move forward and anticlockwise move it backward which would reduce the chain tension. 

Step 4: Check the Chain Tension

Check the chain tension again to check whether you got the desired chain tension or not. Apply a bit of pressure on the middle of the chain for measuring it.  

Step 5: Check for Any Misalignment 

Finally, when you get your desired chain tension, tighten both the adjuster bolts evenly. That way your real wheel won’t be misaligned. And end the entire procedure by tightening the rear wheel axle nut according to manufacturer specifications.

For DRZ400 axle nut torque and rear axle torque, make sure you always maintain the manufacturer’s specifications. And if it is your personal torque wrench, it should be calculated annually. 

For checking the chain tension adjustment, you can follow the:

What’s the Ideal Tension for DRZ400 Chain?

Ideally, the chain tension for DRZ400 should be around 40 to 50 millimeters or 1.6 to 2 inches of slack in the middle point of the chain. The middle point should be between the engine and the rear sprocket. 

While adjusting the chain tension, it is essential to ensure the chain is not too loose or too tight. If your chain tension is too loose than required, it may lead to wear to the sprockets and chains.

DRZ400 Chain
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On the other hand, if the adjustment is too tight, it can destroy the sprockets and the chain. For a perfect measurement of chain tension, both the digital caliper and chain slack tool work fine. 

Make sure you retighten all the bolts that you loosen while adjusting the chain tension. Also, do not forget to check the chain adjustments in every 500 miles. 

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What Are The Consequences Of Over-Tightening Drz400 Chain Tension?

There are certain consequences one might face if the Drz400 chain tension is overly tightened-

  • Over-tightening of Drz400 leads to early wear and tear to the chain and sprocket
  • Create friction on the chain and sprocket 
  • Over-tightening in chain tension causes power loss
  • Tight and uncomfortable suspension 
  • Make the engine work harder and lead to damage to engine component
  • The engine requires more energy to function

How to Prevent DRZ400 Chain Tension Misadjustment?

By now we know how important it is to have the right chain tension adjustment for your DRZ400. And there are some common mistakes that can cause chain tension miss adjustment which will impact your driving experience. 

Here are some tips to prevent chain tension misadjustment in DRZ400-

  • The rear wheel of the vehicle has to be straight to avoid any misalignment during adjustment
  • Make sure the chain tension is according to the manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Ensure that the axle nut is tight enough so that it only moves when turning the adjusters 
  • Check the chain tension regularly to make sure it is having the right tension 
  • While adjusting, use a torque wrench for tightening the axle nut
  • For precise measuring of the distance between the chain and swingarm either use a digital caliper or slack tool

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

How to Avoid Chain Tensioner Damage?

Some preventive approaches would help to avoid frequent chain tensioner damage, for example, regular look-after for wear and tear. If there is any kind of negative sign, replace it as soon as possible. Other than that, change the entire associate parts while replacing the chain tensioner.

What happens if the bike chain is tight?

An overly tight bike chain can cause stress on several components. Other than that, it also causes the sprockets to wear faster than usual. The entire scenario makes it hard for the engine to function properly. It also causes tight suspension which leads to uncomfortable and tight suspension.

What are the disadvantages of a tight bike chain?

A tight bike chain can cause a lot of issues including high friction on the chain and sprocket.  As a result, there is a massive power loss in your system. The friction also leads to much faster wear and damage to the chain. Moreover, there is a high chance of the chain being snapped and permanently damaged. 

Final Words

We hope the article regarding Drz400 Chain Tension was enlightening enough to resolve all your doubts. If you are a DRZ400 owner, you cannot overlook this important part of your vehicle. 

One additional tip, regular maintenance can help you a lot in avoiding any unusual situation related to chain tension. 

That is it for now. See you soon with something more useful.

Till then, stay well!

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